Natural story-telling wedding photography is what I do best. I love to capture the precious little moments that often remain unseen - the touch of a hand, the way the groom looks at the bride when he thinks no one is watching, the funny faces of the guests during the speeches…

Being a wedding photographer is a dream-come-true to me. My approach to photographing weddings is a mixture of documentary and art, photojournalism and fantasy. I always aim to create a unique set of photographs that truly captures the essence of your wedding day. Weddings are very emotional events and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to record this spectrum of emotions and to be part of it.

I will always be around to make sure you have plenty of photos of you, your family and friends and your guests in a variety of settings. Moreover, I aim to capture these usually unnoticed moments of the groom looking at the bride with eyes full of love and mum quickly wiping a tear that sneaked through the laughter.

I am not the type of photographer who will line up your guests for hours and during our meetings before your wedding day we will dedicate on the best time to do the couple formal shots and the group photos – a time that suits your wedding day plans and ensures that you can enjoy your day to the full.  I find weddings truly fascinating – the surge of positive energy and emotions and the symbolical beginning of a new chapter are my drive to creating treasured memories with a camera and a lens. Browse through my portfolio, find out more about me or connect with me on social media or email me for a quick, no obligations chat. Or if you rather chat over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, give me a call. 

Getting to know and working with the wedding couple to me is vital – each couple have their own energy, their own language that, when captured in the photographs, translates into beautiful memories of a lifetime.  Encoding this secret language and recording it in natural, timeless photographs is my specialty. I feel blessed to be able to photograph love and the more I spend with the wedding couple prior to the wedding, the better my understanding is of what makes you a great couple.

By the time I get to shoot the wedding party, we would have had few meetings, created some amazing pre-wedding photos and we will be very comfortable with each other.In most cases during the wedding day you will not be aware of my presence.

Regina Ray