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The Project

With the working name “The Newmarket Lad” this project is an extension of a past research in the life of Newmarket’s retired jockeys. The project aims to put the spotlight onto the people working in the stable and training yards around Newamrket - what is their inner motivation, what makes them tick on a daily basis. In brief, this project is a collection of photographic portraits attempting to commemorate the Newmarket lads and lasses. 

Regina will continue adding to the collection of portraits and personal stories; if you want to share yours, you can contact her on 07547 691111 and regsray@gmail.com. Join the project on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/newmarketladproject/

The Photographer

After living in four countries around the globe, Regina is now based in Cambridge, England. With a marketing degree and a successful career in advertising and marketing, she turned back to photography – something that she has been doing from an early age – as freelance wedding photographer. This led to a completion of a master’s degree in photography at the Cambridge School of Art. With the opening of her commercial studio, Regina is focusing on fine art & portrait photography.