Saudade is a Portuguese term which does not have a direct English translation. It refers to a state of melancholy and yearning for something or someone but unlike nostalgia which is defined as ‘a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past’, saudade can be described as missing something or someone, even if one will see this person or experience this thing in the near future. 


The Mirror Stage

Featured in the 2017 Master's show at the Cambridge School of Art, this project continues my research into the selfie as a performative, conversational and autobiographical tool in the development of identity and personality. Selfies are the response of the times, through technology we are enabled to control our own image and the way we present ourselves to others. These two factors allow us to enter a complex conversation with others – a conversation with multiple strings in social media channels.


Up Close

A collection of close up and macro photography of various plants, flowers, objects which I happen to find or have around the house. 

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Had I not seen the Sun

Inspired by Emily Dickinson and shot while one a field trip with the photography group I taught in Reach, Cambridge in the summer of 2017, these photos are a search for perfection in imperfect things. 

They were exhibited by Gallery 9, Cambridge in October 2017 as a continuation of the post-graduate work of the Cambridge School of Art.

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